My name is Liv, I’m 24 years old and have an excessive passion for everything travel and outdoor related!

I graduated in 2019 from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Classical and Historical Archaeology, and my love of history and archaeology often influences where I choose to travel. If I’m not out in the big wide world, you can find me at home in the UK – usually with a cuppa tea and a book in hand, or out hiking in the nearby Lake District!

With the pages of my future not yet mapped out, I will be documenting my adventures here and on my Instagram, @wheresliv_ !

Years in the making…

For a long time I debated setting up a blog dedicated to my passion for travel and adventure. On numerous occasions I got excited at the prospect of starting up but then put myself down, telling myself my photography skills aren’t good enough, nor my journaling ability, and as a student I couldn’t afford to travel to many ‘exciting’ places and create good content.

But after graduating from university, and almost five years since the thought first sprung to mind, I decided that I need not create a blog for anyone else’s benefit but mine. I love to record the most exciting (and sometimes most disastrous) parts of my holidays. And even more so, I adore looking through photo albums and reminiscing on the amazing trips I have been able to take with some incredible people.

Thinking more long term, I also hope to mould a career out of my love for travel one day, so this is the perfect place for me to further my skills and find inspiration amongst my travel-loving peers.

So here I am, looking to expand my knowledge of travel and photography and putting my own name out there. I hope if you have stumbled across this little corner of the internet that you like what you see, and are as inspired by the beauty of our little planet as I am.

Liv x

Any questions about my upcoming travels, or want to work with me? Please feel free to get in touch by emailing me at: wheresliv@outlook.com