The Short Story

I’m an 80 year old trapped in a 24 year old’s body who loves to travel, climb mountains, read books, and drink tea. I’m a Content Marketer and I love writing, taking photos, designing cool things, and generally being an extroverted introvert. Whenever I possibly can, I love to travel around the world, and spend my spare time planning future trips!

The Long Story

I’ve always grown up with adventurous parents who made me feel like anything was possible, which I am forever grateful for. They have always loved travelling themselves, and this has most certainly rubbed off on me!

However, I first caught the travel bug when I went on my school’s Outlook Expedition to Nicaragua and Honduras in 2014. I was 17, away from home on my own (well, with other students and teachers) and it was so exotic and far away and the most exciting adventure ever. As soon as I left school, I deferred my university place for a year and took off on various trips – city breaks, volunteering abroad, backpacking, you name it. I wanted to cram it all in.

Fast forward to 2019 when I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Classical and Historical Archaeology. Fun fact: my love of history and archaeology often influences where I choose to travel; visiting the Colosseum brought tears to my eyes and my biggest bucket list item is to see the Great Pyramids in Egypt. I will 100% bawl my eyes out when that happens, so stayed tuned as I promise to share blog posts and ugly crying photos when the day comes.

Aside from a few city breaks and family holidays in Europe, I hadn’t travelled much and was itching to get away. My boyfriend Joe and I had planned an epic 3 week trip to Morocco with Intrepid Travel to celebrate the end of uni, which you can read all about here.

Then I kind of had a meltdown about life and career plans etc. (the usual post-uni anxiety) and decided to apply for jobs abroad. A miracle happened: I landed a job as an English teacher in China. Woo!

Well don’t ‘woo’ for long, because that all ended when Covid happened and I came back to the UK in March 2020. After the ultimate unemployment-lockdown-depression combo I bounced back and am now undertaking an apprenticeship (at my age?! I hear you cry) in Content Production while working in the travel industry – my dream has finally come true!

So now you’re all up to date, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of this page as post-Covid I will (hopefully) be embarking on more travel adventures!

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