My dad has a bit of a map obsession and I think it must have passed onto me because I spend so much of my time sitting staring at my scratch map, his huge Europe map, or spinning my little copper globe. While I want to visit as much of this beautiful earth as I can in my lifetime, there’s a few that have been top of my list for a long time. In no particular order…


Mexico is without doubt among those at the top of my list for so many reasons. It’s home to my favourite cuisine (give me all the tacos), gorgeous beaches and the awe-inspiring Mayan temples of Chichen Itza.


The tumultuous and mysterious history of South Africa draws me in, as well as the variety of experiences on offer there such as wine tasting in the Stellenbosch vineyards, climbing Table Mountain, and meeting the penguins of Boulders Beach.


A dream destination of mine ever since watching Lost (it was filmed there and the scenery looks amazing), the nature lover in me would love to hike the trails of the Na Pali Coast, eat shrimp on the beach and learn to surf.


Known for its incredible array of wildlife, active volcanoes, magnificent waterfalls and lush rainforests, Costa Rica easily makes my top 10.


My parents honeymooned in Goa, India and since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by the souvenirs they brought home. A visit to the Taj Mahal and an exploration of the Kerala backwaters, as well as the tantalising food in India, would make the trip of a lifetime.


The natural beauty of New Zealand has always fascinated me. The opportunity to visit Milford Sound, Hobbiton and perhaps even ski on the South Island may be coming up in a year or two…


After travelling a good chunk of Southeast Asia, I feel like I missed out on Malaysia. I can’t wait to explore the tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands, sunbathe on the beaches of Langkawi, and experience the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.


Wandering the colourful streets of Guatapé, snorkelling off the coast of Cartagena, and swinging from a hammock in the hills of Minca are high on my bucket list.


When I was about 7, I desperately wanted to go to Lilongwe monkey sanctuary. I had read about it in a magazine and I think it’s what inspired me to look into wildlife conservation. One day I hope to fulfil this childhood fantasy.


The archaeologist in me is desperate to see the iconic Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx! I’ve heard that scuba diving in Egypt is also fantastic, as is a cruise down the Nile.

What are your top travel destinations?

Published by Liv

Archaeology graduate and aspiring traveller 🌏

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