I feel like this whole Covid-19 disaster is having a whirlwind of effects on people. It’s scary, humbling, stressful, heartbreaking, physically and mentally challenging, and so much more. It is history in the making.

It’s been great over the past few weeks to see people encouraging each other online to stay positive and adapt to this new normal, as it’s looking like it’ll continue significantly longer than we initially thought.

But while there has been some incredible positivity on the Internet recently, I feel like we are also putting a lot of pressure on each other without even realising it. I love feeling motivated when I look at my favourite influencers’ Insta stories in the morning – it genuinely puts me in such a good mood and makes me want to plan out my daily routine and be as productive as possible.

But some days it has the opposite effect. It makes me want to crawl back under the covers and forget about what’s going on. And if it’s doing this to me, I can’t imagine what it’s doing to people who have lost their jobs, have lost loved ones, and people who are actually sick from this awful disease.

On these days, the last thing I want to see is people who are so successfully exercising twice a day, learning a new language, writing a novel and ticking 162 other things off their to-do list.

Some days, I make a list and smash all of it by midday and feel absolutely amazing and proud of my achievements. Other days, my biggest accomplishment is getting dressed (if you call an old pyjama top and paint-stained joggers dressed, that is) and going for a 20 minute walk. BOTH OF THESE ARE OKAY. We’re not superhuman and we can’t be expected to excel every single day of our lives.

I do feel a bit guilty having a moan on these off days, especially when my boyfriend is out working 60 hours a week. But working (or studying) from home is no walk in the park, and I think we all need to remember that these are hard times in a completely new situation, and you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself or compare yourself to others during this time (or any time!).

So, if you’re having one of those days today, don’t feel like you have to turn it around and be productive ASAP – just sit back and allow yourself to feel all the feelings. Do something you enjoy, even if that’s just having a day binging Netflix, re-reading your favourite book or FaceTiming family and friends.

Stay safe, and stay happy x

Published by Liv

Travel blogger and digital nomad 🌏

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