I don’t know about you, but lockdown has got me reading a lot more… and binge-watching Netflix even more. The UK government may be relaxing lockdown but it’s still important to stay safe and stay home, so here’s 7 TV shows I have loved and recommend getting stuck into over the next few weeks!


For those who may have already seen it, let’s all take a moment for our heartbeats to slow down because oh. my. god. Jamie Fraser. Outlander season 5 is now on Starz and Amazon Prime and I cannot recommend it enough. Imagine time-travelling through a stone circle from post-war Britain back to 1740s Scotland, falling in love with Lord Broch Tuarach, trying not to get condemned as a witch, all while attempting to prevent the massacre at the Battle of Culloden. 10000% this is my all time favourite show, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed re-watching it while I’ve been social distancing, both in China and here at home.


A very different genre to my previous recommendation, but I’ve got absolutely hooked on Brooklyn 99 and binged the first 6 seasons in the last 3-4 weeks. I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, but it’s such a fun and easy watch, so I thoroughly recommend it if you need something to lift your mood.


This whole series is already on BBC iPlayer but each episode is also airing on a weekly basis. Based on Sally Rooney’s book (which I desperately want to read now), Normal People is a coming-of-age show following the lives of Connell and Marianne as they explore friendships, relationships, high school and university. Easy to watch but surprisingly emotive, there’s only 12 episodes so perfect for a quick binge watch.


Based on a true story, Netflix’s Unbelievable is a powerful exploration of an investigation into a serial rapist. When teenager Marie cannot remember the minute details of her attack, the police force her into confessing it was all a lie. It’s only 3 years later when a string of attacks happen with the same details, that the cases are looked into seriously. Although I found this show a little slow to get going, it eventually had me hooked and desperate to know how and why this was allowed to happen.


One of my favourite series this year, it kept me going while in lockdown in China. Hilarious, clever and full of plot twists, The Good Place is another super easy show to get stuck into and get through pretty quickly!


Ok bear with me because I know a lot of people who know me are like “ugh, she’s banging on about Lost again”, but seriously!! It is the ultimate TV show for escapism and has literally everything in it: plane crash, adventure, scary natives, beautiful island life, love triangles, scientific experiments, time travel, philosophy and gruesome deaths. Cannot recommmend it enough and all 6 seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

THE 100

Also on Amazon Prime, The 100 is the show I am about to get into, after watching the first season years ago on E4 and just now rediscovering it. It’s about 100 juvenile offenders who are sent from space back down to Earth, generations after a nuclear war wiped out almost all of civilisation and left the atmosphere toxic and unsurvivable. Thinking it’s a death sentence, the teens are lucky to survive and begin exploring the ‘new’ Earth, while survivors from the apocalypse lurk in the forest. A bit of a sci-fi show, The 100 is fun and easy to watch, and there’s plenty of seasons available.

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