Aside from the obvious things like my passport, phone and clothes, everyone has a few little travel essentials that they have to take with them wherever they go.

For some people it’s home comforts like a travel pillow, others it’s makeup or beauty products to make them feel a little more human when they’re fighting jet lag or haven’t showered in 4 days, for others it’s tech they just can’t live without. Here’s my top 5 travel essentials which make my trips more comfortable and enjoyable…

1. Kindle

I wouldn’t be able to cope on a long flight, train or bus ride without something to read. One of the best purchases I have ever made is without a doubt my Kindle; I’ve had it for around 5 years now and it is the perfect travel companion! They’ve even brought out new versions which are waterproof – perfect for reading by the pool or on the beach.

So small and lightweight, it’s far better than lugging around a bag full of books, plus the books are cheaper on Kindle too!

2. Ear plugs

If you’ve ever struggled to sleep on public transport or in a noisy hostel or hotel before, you’ll know exactly why ear plugs are a godsend! I get a little bit nervous nowadays on flights, so having my ear plugs in really helps me to sleep or even just to read without the roaring engine noise.

3. Portable Charger

Not totally necessary for every trip, but a portable charger is a great addition to my backpack or suitcase. It only cost around £25 (I couldn’t find the exact one but linked a similar one here) and can charge 3 devices at once. For our trip to Morocco last year, when we camped in the Sahara and didn’t have any electricity for two days, this battery pack was a life saver and almost everyone in our tour group managed to use it as well as it lasts ages!

4. Chewing gum/mints

One of the first things I buy when I get to the departures lounge in an airport is a pack of gum. Particularly when it comes to long haul flights, I try to brush my teeth in airport loos and even on the plane sometimes, but it always makes me feel a bit cleaner and fresher if I have minty fresh breath!

5. Hand sanitiser/wipes

I think this one is something everyone around the world with now travel with since we’re all hyper aware of hygiene since the Covid-19 outbreak. I’ve always had face wipes or sanitising wipes of some kind in my hand luggage, and usually a little travel-sized bottle of hand sanitiser too, just to stay clean and fresh on public transport.

What 5 things can’t YOU travel without?

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