Is it safe to travel during the current pandemic? A question a lot of us have been asking ourselves recently.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward answer, and to be fair there’s no right or wrong answer either. The only problem I have with this topic is that many people are calling it ‘post-Covid’ travel. Coronavirus is still a pandemic. It continues to infect and kill people around the world on a daily basis: it is current, not past. Just something to bear in mind, this isn’t over yet.

Over on my Instagram page (@wheresliv_) there have been a lot of discussions around the topic and it’s been really interesting to hear other peoples’ points of view from all around the world! The most popular opinion seems to be that we should all take a staycation instead of travelling internationally this year! Here’s the top reasons why you should choose to take a staycation in 2020…

There’s so much to see!

It’s pretty basic, but there’s reason number 1 for you! There’s soooo much in our own backyard that we’ve yet to explore. Some of my friends have been taking road trips around the UK and it’s made my bucket list grow exponentially! Whether it’s just going for walks around your local parks or villages, getting a train to somewhere new and exciting, or venturing into the city for coffee and food, you’re bound to have a wonderful time!

It’s keeping people safe

Possibly the most important reason to take a staycation this year is so that you don’t risk catching or transferring the virus to anyone overseas. Some countries have a really great handle on the virus at the moment and the UK isn’t doing so great – hence many people’s (including myself) moral dilemma with travelling this year.

They’re inexpensive

Most places in your own country are going to be cheaper than getting a plane and booking resorts or fancy hotels abroad, so save the pennies and have a look at holidaying nearby! It could also be an opportunity to try new methods of travelling, such as camping, glamping, or hiring a van for a roadie!

You can go just for a couple of days

Without having to travel further, there’s no need to take weeks off work! You can just take the odd day here and there and go for mini adventures over the weekends, making it super easy to snatch a break or two this summer!

It’s better for the planet

Staying closer to home makes it easier to reduce your carbon footprint, a huge added bonus if you’re conscious of your impact on the environment (if you aren’t, you should be ;).

Support the local economy

Travelling in your home country helps your local cafes, restaurants, shops and businesses. This is a really important reason to travel locally at the moment, as the pandemic has had a significant impact on not only the travel and tourism trade, but also small businesses.

…and eat local!

Instead of only heading to chain restaurants and multinational corporations, seek out local pubs and eateries to support!

Where have you been for a staycation this summer? I’d love to hear all about it, and maybe add them to my list!

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