GUEST BLOG: Christmas Gift Guide For Travel Lovers 2020

by Sophie Wakely @ Sun, Sea and Solo

The festive season has officially begun!

I know that may seem a little early for some of you. However, after the recent lockdown 2.0 that has been imposed in England, November is cancelled, and Christmas has started in my household. Whether you think that it’s too soon to be decorating or not, it’s certainly time to start thinking of gifts to get someone if you haven’t already.

I’m extremely proud of myself this year, I only have a few more things to get. So whether you are a travel lover looking for Christmas list inspiration or you are looking for gift ideas for someone with a serious case of wanderlust, these are my top recommendations…

Etsy gifts

After the impact that this year has had on small businesses, I have been trying to get gifts from small businesses and have been using Etsy a lot. Not only does it mean that you can often get something for someone that is a little more personal, but you are also helping out an independent business.

Personalised Scratch Off Travel Map

There are so many scratch-off travel maps around, but the great thing about this one on Etsy is that it’s personalised and has some of the top reviews. You can either buy it in print for a more poster style gift, or you can have it framed it either black or white – From £12.99

Adventure Fund Jar

If you are someone like me and collect spare change to be banked later, I think this is a great idea. For £9.99, this is a sweet little gift for a travel lover but being under £10 makes it a fantastic secret Santa gift too.

Travel Gift Reveal Suitcase

If you are buying someone the gift of travel tickets for Christmas, this is a brilliant idea. You get to create a little scratch-off ticket to reveal the destination and put it together yourself – £5.67

Practical Gifts

Although not as fun, every person that loves to travel will be happy with a practical gift for Christmas – it’s one less thing they have to buy themselves! These are some of my top recommendations

Ankor Powercore 13000 Power Bank

Not only is a power pack always useful, but I have bought my fair share since I started attending festivals and this is by far the best one that I have used – £28.99

Anti-Theft Back Pack

This backpack is brilliant. You pack it from the back so it significantly reduced the risk of you being pick-pocketed. For me, it also makes me feel more confident when out and about, especially when travelling solo – From £12.79

Mac in a Sac

Anything travel-sized is a huge yes in my books. For something so compact and small, I can’t explain how great this coat is and even better, it’s the best wind-resistant coat I own – Price depends on product range

Benefit Cosmetic Minis

A little more than your regular travel sized products. These are a little more on the expensive side, but it makes them a great gift, great stocking filler and it makes it so much easier to take some make-up on holiday without struggling to find the space – From £12


Something to fulfil yours or someone else’s wanderlust while stuck indoors?

Snack Surprise

For those missing the taste of travel. Snack surprise supply you with a monthly box of snacks, from a different country across the world. I think this is a great gift for those that can’t travel as much as they’d hope to right now – From £6.99 per month

Japan Candy Box

A taste of Japan straight to your door. I know a couple of people that either have or have had it and they loved it. Each month you get a variety of Japanese sweets, each box containing 10 treats. Although an American site, there is free shipping to the UK – From around £15 per month

This year is certainly going to be different for everyone. I for one wish that I was able to spend New Year in another country or start off 2021 knowing that I have a year of travel plans ahead. For now, things will be a little uncertain but you will find me putting up my Christmas decorations in November while singing Michael Bublé.

Sophie, SunSeaAndSolo x

3 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG: Christmas Gift Guide For Travel Lovers 2020

  1. Those adventure fund jars are just perfect, aren’t they? We are in a very strict level five lockdown again and can’t wait for it to come to an end. At least there’s Christmas to look forward to. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


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