GUEST BLOG: Christmas Markets Ranked Worst to Best

by Stacey Cutten @ Stacey Explores Given that this year we are all sadly missing our dose of Christmas festivities, I wanted to take a little time to reflect on all of European Christmas markets I have visited – so next year you can visit the best ones! I am yet to visit any GermanContinue reading “GUEST BLOG: Christmas Markets Ranked Worst to Best”


For the first time since being at school, I went to the Christmas market in my hometown of Lincoln last weekend. Once one of the most popular markets in the country, Lincoln market is now smaller than the ones in Manchester or Leeds, but just as good (although I may be biased). The market isContinue reading “LINCOLN CHRISTMAS MARKET”


Unsure what to buy friends and family this Christmas? Are some of them not keen on materialistic things, or are they planning to go on a holiday or travel in the near future? With my upcoming move to China (in 5 weeks, ah!) I have asked family and friends not to buy me too manyContinue reading “GIFT IDEAS FOR TRAVELLERS”