It’s officially one more sleep until I embark on the adventure of a lifetime: moving to China for 12 months! A whole year. Pretty much the entirety of 2020. Ahhhh! So with a glass of wine in hand, I thought I’d hop on here to give you nosey buggers a peek into my suitcase. AsContinue reading “PACKING TO MOVE ABROAD FOR A YEAR”


As 2019 draws to a close, I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane and write about my favourite travel moments from the past decade. Here’s to the next decade of travel! RESCUING TURTLES IN SRI LANKA September 2015 was the start of my gap year and a really significant and transformative time inContinue reading “2010-2019: TOP TRAVEL MOMENTS OF THE DECADE”


We’re jumping back a few years again in today’s blog post, and revisiting my first real adventure to Central America. For those who haven’t read my previous posts on the subject, back in 2014 I went on a school trip with Outlook Expeditions to Nicaragua and Honduras for a month. The majority of the tripContinue reading “SCUBA DIVING IN HONDURAS”


For the first time since being at school, I went to the Christmas market in my hometown of Lincoln last weekend. Once one of the most popular markets in the country, Lincoln market is now smaller than the ones in Manchester or Leeds, but just as good (although I may be biased). The market isContinue reading “LINCOLN CHRISTMAS MARKET”


My recent trip to Krakow was many things; harrowing, emotional, cultural, bloody cold, and rather unexpectedly, a foodie’s heaven. So, as promised, I’m dedicating a whole separate post to the beauty that is Polish food 😍 I have to admit that I don’t have a huge variety of photographs, because by the time I rememberedContinue reading “POLISH FOOD IS AMAZING”


Unsure what to buy friends and family this Christmas? Are some of them not keen on materialistic things, or are they planning to go on a holiday or travel in the near future? With my upcoming move to China (in 5 weeks, ah!) I have asked family and friends not to buy me too manyContinue reading “GIFT IDEAS FOR TRAVELLERS”


What is a micro gap? A micro gap is a short break away in the country you live in. Micro gaps are becoming increasingly popular as people are realising what there is to explore right on their doorstep, without having to fly or travel long distance. Why try a micro gap? Micro gaps are greatContinue reading “MICRO GAPS”


This post has been really difficult to write. Auschwitz was not an enjoyable experience, it was harrowing and humbling and surreal. It was the most grounded I felt in a long time and this is why going to Auschwitz is so important. It is easy to get caught up in our own little bubble andContinue reading “AUSCHWITZ”

A Guide to Essaouira, Morocco

Hello and welcome to my final post from my trip to Morocco! This one is all about the seaside town of Essaouira, a 2.5 hour bus journey from Marrakech. A few other tourists and travellers we met around the country were unsure of whether to visit Essaouira as it seems to be a bit ofContinue reading “A Guide to Essaouira, Morocco”


Ciao! I’m back with another 72 hours blog post, one I’ve been itching to write for months now. Rome is without a doubt the most beautiful city I have ever visited. As an archaeology student at the time of my visit, I couldn’t wait to see the Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon and countless other Roman ruinsContinue reading “72 HOURS IN… ROME”