Unsure what to buy friends and family this Christmas? Are some of them not keen on materialistic things, or are they planning to go on a holiday or travel in the near future? With my upcoming move to China (in 5 weeks, ah!) I have asked family and friends not to buy me too manyContinue reading “GIFT IDEAS FOR TRAVELLERS”


What is a micro gap? A micro gap is a short break away in the country you live in. Micro gaps are becoming increasingly popular as people are realising what there is to explore right on their doorstep, without having to fly or travel long distance. Why try a micro gap? Micro gaps are greatContinue reading “MICRO GAPS”


This post has been really difficult to write. Auschwitz was not an enjoyable experience, it was harrowing and humbling and surreal. It was the most grounded I felt in a long time and this is why going to Auschwitz is so important. It is easy to get caught up in our own little bubble andContinue reading “AUSCHWITZ”


Last week I visited my 23rd country, Poland! Krakow was a fascinating fusion of European architecture and culture and is one of my favourite cities to date. I’m so glad I visited in winter (though sadly missed the Christmas markets by a week), and wish I had a few more days to enjoy the sightsContinue reading “72 HOURS IN… KRAKOW”

A Guide to Essaouira, Morocco

Hello and welcome to my final post from my trip to Morocco! This one is all about the seaside town of Essaouira, a 2.5 hour bus journey from Marrakech. A few other tourists and travellers we met around the country were unsure of whether to visit Essaouira as it seems to be a bit ofContinue reading “A Guide to Essaouira, Morocco”


Before my big trip to Morocco in September I was asked by a few people “why Morocco?” and “aren’t you scared?”. Admittedly yes, I was a bit nervous. Africa has a certain stigma attached to it, largely due to the fact that not much is known about its people and culture. Not many women travelContinue reading “MINI BREAK IN MARRAKECH”


Ciao! I’m back with another 72 hours blog post, one I’ve been itching to write for months now. Rome is without a doubt the most beautiful city I have ever visited. As an archaeology student at the time of my visit, I couldn’t wait to see the Forum, Colosseum, Pantheon and countless other Roman ruinsContinue reading “72 HOURS IN… ROME”


When I left school I knew I didn’t want to go straight to university, something just didn’t feel right and I wanted some time to breathe, gain some work experience, and travel. As some of you may already know, I decided to start off my gap year by volunteering abroad with Plan My Gap YearContinue reading “3 MONTHS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA”


Huge life update: I’m moving to China. If it’s any consolation, I’m as shocked as you are. After a personal crisis and realisation that I need to spend some time on my own self improvement and future goals, I decided to apply for a few jobs abroad. Unfortunately my application to be one of Santa’sContinue reading “I’M MOVING TO CHINA?!”


Last week I spent 5 days in the South of France, doing little more than burying my nose in a book and wandering from café to café in beautiful little towns and villages. The trip was fairly last minute; an early birthday present to visit my mum, who has recently retired and moved to FranceContinue reading “A FEW DAYS IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE”